The range of services is includes consulting, conception, management and implementation of projects or technical publications / documents – preparation of documentation for technical products, systems, systems, their components and real estate.
Editorial office
The team of editors ensures professional implementation of your orders

  • Operating instructions for commissioning and maintenance
  • Operating instructions to protect against warranty and liability claims
  • Installation, repair and installation instructions
  • Checklists, manuals for maintenance and repair
  • Spare parts catalogs (new creation or change service)
  • Time analysis as a tool for reducing warranty costs and working time requirements
  • Environmental Impact Analyzes (Hazardous Substance Analysis, Substitute Substance Research and Assembly Localization)
  • Obzoliszenzmanangement
  • Creation of training literature for service, maintenance and teaching personnel
Experienced project managers are available to advise you right from the kickoff

  • Assessment of the current state of your technical documentation
  • Process analysis
  • Selection and introduction of suitable editorial tools
  • Project management methods in the editorial process
  • Interactive structure of documents
  • Information and knowledge transfer with classic, new and alternative media
  • Advice on risk assessments or FMEAs
Personal service
Recruitment of highly qualified personnel – perfectly matched to your projects

  • Outsourcing (OUT and IN side)
  • Outplacement
  • Personnel consultation and mediation
  • temporary employment *)
  • Interim Management

*) PECAS is in possession of the perpetual permission article 1 § 1 des Gesetzes zur Regelung der gewerbsmäßigen Arbeitnehmerüberlassung (AÜG).

After Sales Service
Get free space in sales / marketing

Since 2006 PECAS have been supporting our customers in the area of telemarketing / after sales – mainly through outbounding.
Our company take care of the customer communication with professional customer orientation. Transparent evaluations are an integral part of our services and the basis for careful quality measures.

Our range of services usually refers to support in the area of marketing and sales (such as address qualifications, customer surveys, appointments).

Illustration / Graphic
Creation of individual graphics / illustrations on the basis of 3D-CAD data, photos or product samples

  • Technical illustrations, line drawings
  • Spare parts and exploded views
  • Implement photos in line art
  • Grayscale and color graphics
  • Section and Phantom Drawings
  • Flowcharts, wiring diagrams
  • Acquisition and processing of 3D data
  • Digital Photography

Our graphics specialists work closely with editors and designers to ensure optimum graphics quality. They have in-depth experience in using common CAD, illustration and image editing programs.

Translation / Proofreading
Translation and quality assurance of texts / documents of different languages

  • Assessment of the current state of your technical documentation
  • Translation by experienced specialist translators (by certified contractors)
  • Proofreading according to the four-eyes principle to ensure high quality
  • Examination of German specialized texts and translations on spelling, grammar, style and terminology
  • Development and maintenance of proprietary terminology
Media Design
Our creative team will take care of the creative implementation of your projects

  • Technical illustrations / line drawings
  • Development of target group-specific and company-specific logos and complete corporate designs
  • Individual layout tailored to the customer’s business
  • Creation of marketing documents such as flyers, advertising leaflets or product brochures
  • Web design
  • Pressure Processing
Management Service
For corporate development and investments

Our statute makes it possible to form strategic alliances, support for viable business concepts and corporate developments. This refers to strategic investments in companies, establishment of branches and so on. These are directly or indirectly related to our core business.

We examine strategic approaches and develop them In close cooperation with ADL Consulting. Flexibility and vision secure the company’s success and consolidate existing cooperations and customer relations.

Our cross-divisional range of services based on our many years of experience makes it possible to successfully implement new challenges. These include the implementation of the processes / tasks of our customers to a high standard of quality, as well as the reliable cooperation with cooperation partners.