Only through successful order fulfillment can we achieve the satisfaction of our business partners in the industry, in the middle class but also in the environment of public clients as well as the stability in the company, in the networks of our business partners and customers.

Service for mobile systems and facilities

PRODUCT SUPPORT – for systems and facilities of the elements ground, air, water

Services for civilian and military divisions

Technical Documentation / Publication

Descriptive Documentation / Spare Parts Documentation / Creation of Technical Illustrations and Graphics for Description, Operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Repair and so on.

ILS / Logistics Engineering

Logistic Support Analysis / Maintenance Analysis / Maintenance Planning / Supply Support / Test Equipment / Training, -Equipment / Reliability / Maintainability / Availability / Safety / Life Cycle Cost / Testability / FMEA / FMECA

Security, defense, data security

IT-Security WS-Bundeswehr (Cyber-IT-Security / Protection against radiation, entry, access, data etc. / Hardware security / Confidentiality)


Creation of concepts, plans and material for training / education of operating, repair and teaching personnel / CBT / simulation

Services for real estate

„Follow paths, accompany buildings, make architecture tangible!” (Ulrich Schepp)

Our company has extensive knowledge and experience potential from a variety of engineering services in the construction industry. This covers a wide range of service.

Real estate documentation

Everything at a glance! – digitized, systematized, objective and value neutral –

The object of the real estate documentation is the holistic, standardized and objective presentation of real estate. Our services cover both new and existing real estate from the residential, commercial or public sector. All object-related data (IFRS-compatible) are orderly and classified neutral in value. This guarantees a detailed overview of the fixed assets and attains the necessary security in dealing with the property.

Digitization of documents and construction documents

The documents, drawings etc. take up too much space – we digitize them for you!

These include: architectural drawings, installation plans, views and insights/ information on the subject of land and development, building land and building loads, statics, general construction data, characteristics, documents for additions, removals and conversions/ Maintenance and entertainment plans, test reports/ records, and documentation for financing, construction, lending, insurance and contracts

Creating historical breaks – “If houses could talk …”

Archival research, documentation and presentation for real estate owners, buyers or as support for marketing by external agencies and brokers

Investors and owners of historical real estate often have a personal interest in the history of the leased and owner-occupied properties. The influence of a historical demolition on the value of the objects is usually underestimated. Real estate, especially those with a high age, often have an interesting history. However, information and documents are scarce and often very scattered. Only a targeted search, which is associated with a corresponding amount of time, can remedy this situation.

Marketing instruments, energy certificates and reports

Meaningful documents for your real estate

The property documentation is an excellent basis for these tasks. Based on the data collected and processed by us, advertising material is created quickly, object-related and cost-efficiently. The real estate documentation not only puts us in the position to work out advertising material, but also forms. We also create short and long exposes, flyers for successful sales and rental negotiations as well as energy certificates and expert reports.

Management Support

After sales marketing

PECAS supports in sales / marketing

In the field of telemarketing / after sales – mainly through outbounding – we offer communication with professional customer orientation. Our range of services usually refers to support in the area of marketing and sales (such as address qualification, customer surveys, appointments).

Temporary Employment (ANÜ)

Get more freedom – More flexibility through efficient personnel policy

Our Company provide rapid assistance in the event of cyclical fluctuations and staff shortages in selected qualifications and sectors. Whether seasonal peaks in orders, project-specific know-how, major orders or vacation time, in the event of illness or maternity leave.

The commercial temporary employment (AÜG) is possible after agreement.

Strategic services

Our topic – corporate development, participation, orientation

Our statute makes it possible to form strategic alliances / alliances, support for viable business concepts and corporate developments.

This refers to strategic and economically viable interests in other companies, establishment of branches, and so on. These should be directly or indirectly related to our core business. We examine strategic approaches and develop them. Flexibility and vision secure the company’s success and consolidate existing cooperations as well as customer relations.