Welcome to PECAS services GmbH

… Your full-service provider for the complete range of services all about
technical communication,  documentation – the PRODUCT-SUPPORT

Our slogan:

„Success is having the skills you need right now.“  (Henry Ford)

Our team:

Logisticians, editors, illustrators, engineers, technicians, masters, skilled workers, translators and other specialists

The know-how of our employees is our capital. We work together with permanent employees and competence-partners. In this way we always ensure to our customers expertise, flexibility, professionalism, high standards quality and reliability.


Services for technical systems

Technical communication, documentation, logistics product and so on

Services for real estate

Administrative services, documentation, publications for real estate

Management Support

Strategic and tactical services for consulting, marketing and management

The people are in the foreground with us not the technology. But new technologies relieve employees of routine work and create room for new creativity.